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Scope of the conference

The MNE Conference will address questions concerning micro and nano-fabrication and manufacturing employing lithography and other patterning related approaches, and the use of the resulting structures and devices for scientific research and technological applications. The themes will include:

Photon, Electron and Ion-Based Lithography

Chair – Emanuel Loertscher

Photon lithography:

  • DUV, immersion, EUV, sources, optics, systems, mask technology, alignment, optical proximity correction, lithography modeling, throughput, novel techniques.

Electron and ion beam lithography:

  • Sources, optics, systems, alignment, proximity corrections, e-beam mask writer, ion and electron beam surface interactions, focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID).

Resists for beam based lithography:

  • Resists, resist structures, resist processes.


  • Inspection, testing, metrology and in-situ process measurements, devices and circuits, reliability.

Micro and Nano Fabrication Methods

Chair – Helmut Schift

Nano-imprint and soft-lithography:

  • Stamp fabrication, processes and imprinting methods, applications, dedicated resists, systems, alignment.

Alternative patterning methods:

  • Scanning probe techniques, 3D lithography, stencil lithography, ink-jet printing, novel fabrication methods, self-assembly and directed self-assembly, block copolymers, combination of top-down and bottom-up processes, surface nano engineering, nanomanipulation, integration of nano-objects, nanoscale modelling, molecular technologies.

Pattern transfer and plasma etching:

  • Nanoscale etching, lithography/etching interactions, etching of new materials, novel etching chemistry, etch damage, deep etching, lateral etching, lift-off, pre-patterned substrates, plating, sputtering/milling, beam etching/deposition, modeling.

Micro and nano manufacturing:

  • Scale-up and transfer to manufacturing, 3D printing, additive techniques, molding, rapid prototyping, multi-scale manufacturing

Micro/Nano Devices for Physical Sciences and their Fabrication

Chair – Michel Calame

  • Nanoelectronics, single electron transistor devices, quantum dots and devices, nano-optics/nanophotonics, plasmonics, nanowire and nanotube based devices, photovoltaics, high density data storage devices, nanomagnetics, molecular devices, carbon nanotube and graphene devices.

Micro/Nano Systems and their Fabrication

Chair – Cosmin Roman

  • MEMS, MOEMS, NEMS, Micro-Optics, RF-MEMS/NEMS, Surface and bulk micromachining, new materials, sensors and actuators, MEMS timekeeping devices, gas sensors, energy harvesters.

Micro/Nano devices for Life Sciences and their fabrication

Chair – Alexandra Homsy

Micro and nanofabrication of fluidic systems:

  • Devices for biology, chemistry, medicine, micro-biodevices, biodetection devices, cell sorting devices, cell/micro-nanostructure interactions, neuronal devices, biochips and lab-on-a-chip, μTAS, BioMEMS, micro-nano fluidic devices for chemical analysis.

Bio-inspired technologies:

  • Bionanomachines, bioassembly of nanomaterials, hybrid devices.



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